The Island


The island of St. Maarten/St. Martin is a dutyfree port and as such, there are no restrictions on what you may bring with you. This is one of the major reasons why the island is particularly attractive to yachtsmen. Parts and equipment can be purchased locally at prices that in many cases are lower than the equivalent in the USA or Europe. If an item is not available it can be readily air freighted to the island in a matter of hours without incurring delays or additional costs due to restrictive regulations or customs duty. Naturally, prohibited goods such as drugs, firearms and explosives may not be freely imported and should be declared when clearing in.


There are several digital cell phone systems in place. Telcell and UTS (Chippie) on the ‘Dutch’ side have GSM services. The French side has GSM services through Orange (France Telecom) and Amigo (Dauphin). A SIM card costs about $20+ depending on provider. Buying a prepaid phone card is easy. Many shops, supermarkets and gas stations sell pre-paid phone cards for the ‘Dutch’ side providers. All networks cover both sides of the island.


Sint Maarten

Population: 39,000
Capital: Philipsburg
Dutch (official), & English
Netherlands Antilles Guilders
US $ accepted everywhere
Electricity:110 volts (60Hz)


Saint Martin

Population: 35,000
Capital: Marigot
French (official), & English
Currency: Euro
US$ accepted everywhere
Electricity: 220 volts (50Hz)


Time: GMT - 4 hours
Atlantic time,
1 hour ahead of
Eastern Standard Time.