Dining out is part of the island’s true Cultural experience. With our mix of French and Dutch cultures and the many other nationalities that have influenced St. Maarten’s culinary offerings dining is truly the national sport of St. Maarten.

Even our casual offerings have racketed up a notch, such as the restaurants along St. Maarten’s famous Orient Beach where you can dine on the best French and international cuisine, with your toes in the sand. Taking dips in the blue Caribbean Sea between courses. Or relax by the freeball well into the night, on Kim Sha beach while sampling some of the best burgers on the island.

St. Martin restaurants are known to feature top chefs, many of whom have signifcant training in contemporary continental cuisine. They are known for their creativity as well as their efforts for perfection.

Grand Case, “the gourmet capital of the Caribbean”, should not be missed, this small French Caribbean town has the most restaurants per capita than any other in the Caribbean. Experience Harmony Nights every Tuesday in season and seek out the most appealing option for your taste. You can fnd some of the best international chefs preparing several styles of gourmet food including American, Italian, and French. You can enjoy the extreme casual ambiance of the lolos or go for the very high end. Either way dining on the French side is sure to be a delight.

Abu Ghazi Shuwarma & Kabab
Paradise Mall, Colebay
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 522-6757

Hope Estate, St Martin
Tel: 0590 87-15-70

Tel: 1-721 520-0625

Bamboo Bernies
Maho Plaza
Tel: 1-721 545-3622

German Cuisine
Simpson Bay
Tel: 1-721 544-2665

Welfare Road 15
Tel: 1-721 544-5409

Bombay Bites
Above MacDonalds,
Simpson Bay
Tel: 1-721 545-0867

Buccaneer Beach Bar
Billy Folly Road
International Cuisine

Orange Grove Plaza
Tel: 1-721 544-2851

Dock Martin
Seafood Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 542-3484

Fusion Restaurant
International/ Fusion
Cole Bay
Tel: 1-721 553-4300

Hard Rock Café
Boardwalk Front Street #65
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 542-7014 to 19

Cole Bay
Italian/ Pasta
Tel: 1-721 544-3079

Jimbo’s Rock & Blues Cafe
Plaza Del Lago
Tel: 1-721 544-3600

Raw, Vegan, Cold Pressed Juice
Cole Bay
Tel +1 721 544-1555

Karakter Beach
Casual/ Dutch
Simpson Bay
Tel: 1-721 523-9983

Indigo Bay
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 553 7815

La Dolce Vita
721 SePort de Plaisance/
Italian Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 544-522

Le Lagon Creole - Creperie
French/ Caribbean Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 544-3871/ 554-2355

Luna Rossa
Puerta Del Sol
Cole Bay
Tel: 1-721 522-7075

Peg Leg Pub
Port de Plaisance
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 544-5859

Pineapple Pete
Cole Bay
Tel: 1-721 544-6030

Pizza Galley
Simpson Bay
Tel: 1-721 580-5680

Rancho Restaurant
Palapa Center
Argentinean Steak House
Tel: 1-721 545-2495

Skip Jack’s
Simpson Bay
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 544-2313

Tel: 1-721 545-2485

St. Maarten Yacht Club Bar & Restaurant
Restaurant Simpson Bay
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 526-3914/ 523-4576

Taloula Mango’s
Sint Rose Arcade
Local/ International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 542-1645

Sushi Box
3 Palms Plaza,
Simpson Bay, St Maarten
Tel: 1-721 587-4437

Sushitto- Japanese
Colebay Port de Plaisance
Tel: 1-721 554-5252

Taste Factory
French Bakery
Simpson Bay
Tel: 1-721 544-2550

The Greenhouse
Bobby’s Marina / Pelican
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 542-2941 / 544-4173

The Ocean Lounge
Holland House Hotel
Front Street
Fusion Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 542-2572

Marina Royale, Marigot,
Tel: 0590 87-79-07

The Stone Restaurant
Fusion Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 526-2037

Top Carrot
Simpson Bay
Tel: 1-721 544-3381

Topper’s Restaurant
Cole Bay
Local Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 544-3500

Tortuga Beach Café
Royal Islander Club La Plage
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 545-2388

Tutta Pasta
Plaza del Lago
Simpson Bay
Italian Cuisine
Tel:1-721 544-3511

Vesna Taverna
Simpson Bay,
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 524-5283

Zee Best Breakfast
Simpson Bay Marina
Tel: 1-721 544-2477

Zoo Rock
Simpson Bay
International Cuisine
Tel: 1-721 587-4452

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